Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A fresh start

I'm yet to announce this on the Private Eye Butterfly site but PEB is going to be revamped! This means a new site, more frequent page updates and a more direct story.

The story for PEB has been through many development stages over the years. For some time now I've been critical with myself for the amount of content I've tried to cram into PEB.

The story has been rewritten and is more to my liking. Peb Casey himself has gone through some tweaking (I've taken readers criticism of his jaw shape into consideration), the story does not drag and I've given Peb the chance to do his job without so many mysterious characters watching him (that got a bit silly after a while).

The script itself for the new story is still being written but a synopsis of every scene has been written. Does this mean that everything you have read of PEB so far has become redundant? Well, to a large degree no. The story is very much the same but this time will be told in a quicker and easier way. Some story arcs already published in the web comic will be dropped, some characters will be scrapped, but the mystery behind everything remains the same.

The new story should start in the new year. I hope it's one that all PEB readers will enjoy more!

I was just messing around with ideas for the lead up to the new story launch (it's an illustration I did in PhotoShop).

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