Sunday, June 24, 2007

Up the Mountain!

A friend at work also works as a tour guide taking people up Mount Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. He took a bunch of us up the mountain for a tour today. It was heaps of fun, here are some snaps I took:

Here are some of my friends from Blue Rocket Productions:

Starting from the left we have Tim, Roseline, Timothy and Clay.

And here is the mountain we conquered!

There was snow everywhere along the track up the mountain! It was great but made things a bit difficult on certain terrain. None of us fell over too badly so it wasn't that bad.

Another group shot. This time we have (starting from the left) Matt (our animation co-ordinator), Roseline, Timothy, Matt & Jo (who are both part of Mt Wellington Walks, the association who took us on the walk).

Yay! More snow!

I was a bit hesitant when approaching this lookout:

hehe. It was all good. Here's part of the view:

And here's our good friend and tour guide, Leigh Craven:

What makes him such a great tour guide is his ability to point at stuff and give lots interesting information.

More sights:

And then when we reached the top, there was snow EVERYWHERE! Yay!

We all had a great time and I'd like to thank Leigh, Jo, Matt and the rest of Mt Wellington Walks for all their organising and hospitality. Top Stuff! If anyone feels like going for a great walk with great views down here in Hobart, then look up Mt Wellington Walks and give Leigh a call.

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Timothy Merks said...

that was a good fun walk!