Thursday, June 21, 2007

The 'Lousing About' Launch

The book launch for Lousing About went really well! There was a massive turn out of people and we sold heaps of copies. I spent the majority of the launch signing books:

Unfortunately I didn't get many snaps of the event, and the shots I have don't really show how many people were there (all the pics I have are of me signing books, ha ha) but it was heaps of fun even though I was greatly overwhelmed by the whole experience.

It was pretty full on, well, I felt that way and so did Shirley (the author). We were both pretty nervous and amazed at the amount of people there. The penny dropped for me when I saw the book store full of the books and people buying them. I've never had so many people wanting my signature at once! The best part was signing books for the kids who were there. Pretty awesome stuff!

Even though I had a red face and shaking hands (both when greeting people and when writing!) I would love to do something like a book launch again. It was heaps of fun and I really felt I was achieving what I wanted to achieve when I was 10 years old. I would like to thank Maygog Publishing and Shirley Calvert for allowing me the opportunity to illustrate 'Lousing About'. The book is a great concept and covers a very relevant topic for kids and adults: how to get rid of head lice (which is taught in a fun way).

Oh and I'd like to thank Co-op Bookshop for holding the event and for all their help selling the books!

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