Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PEB script

You may or may not be aware that my web comic, Private Eye Butterfly, has been put on hold for quite some time. I had made the mistake of starting a story and making it up as I went along. Sure, there's nothing wrong with making a story that way. It can be spontaneous, unpredictable and fun. But after some time I started to feel that the story really wasn't going anywhere special, and too many clich├ęs were creeping in.

As time went on I knew what I wanted to have happen in the story but getting to each key point meant having to spend a lot of time twisting the current events to bring Peb to the next scene. In the end the story was too wish-washy for my liking. It needed a strong structure, strong characters and convincing dialogue. I realised what needed to be done. I needed to start over. I needed a script.

If anything I am happy for you all to see the development of this character and his story. I always felt that Private Eye Butterfly had a lot of potential to be suspenseful and thrilling.

I'm pleased to say that last night I had a break-through. I now have a complete story break-down and half a script already written. Once I have finished a script with all the dialogue I will continue with creating character designs, location sketches and page layouts. Once I have created enough pages I will relaunch PEB and tell the world about it.

So when is it likely to be back? I'm not entirely sure of that myself. My deadline for the script is this weekend.

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