Saturday, September 1, 2007

Okay, so where have I been?

For those of you who don't know, I've been working for Blue-Rocket Productions as an animator on a children's animation series called Pixel Pinkie. Here's a link to a news report video about the series:

And if you're wondering where I am in the video then I'm afraid you'll only get to see the back of my head a number of times. Here's one shot for example:

Oh and that's not all! The super secret comic project I have been working on has now gone public! Let me intoduce to you all......

!!!! And my yet to be released story for Sugary Serials is called The Elements of Destiny. Go to to find out more about the project and see some preview pics I made for The Elements of Destiny. I'm really looking forward to releasing my comic towards the end of this month.

And.. AND, there will be a review in the Tasmanian newspaper The Mercury for the children's book I illustrated, Lousing About, on Sunday 2nd September (tomorrow!).


mark said...

killer art on your new comic series Rich and loved the look inside the Blue Rocket studio - way to go - next they will be working on the PEB animated movie. YOW!!!
keep it coming and congratulations you deserve it.

toonerfish said...

Thanks Mark!