Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to normal! ... sort of.

Now that I don't have to be working so much during the mid year sales, i can focus on just going to my animation job during the day and coming home to do my own thing! I just sat down to my computer to find that it still has an issue where it freezes completely. Grr! At the moment I am trying to pin point the problem. It's happened when I've been doing four of the following things at once: using my cintiq, using the latest version of internet explorer, photoshop CS and outlook express. It shouldn't be a multi tasking issue because I have heaps of RAM.

I've tried putting in a different video card (well, the same make and model but it belongs to my brother's computer) and have tried changing the ram. It froze after both occasions so this time I'm making the latest version of internet explorer the number one suspect... so far it hasn't frozen. The three other things I need to try is use the cintiq, photoshop or outlook express.

I've been meaning to mention some great artists and animators who I have the pleasure of working with every day, two of whom are Timothy Merks and Roseline Lau. They both have blogs too so check them out while I madly try to fix my computer. Watch their animated shorts! hehe, funny stuff. I can't get over Rose's Spooky Doll Kids "What's Eating Brownie."

I sat down at my computer tonight to get back to my top secret project. More on that when I figure out this computer... that is if I ever figure out this computer!

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